Ray Neria

14s Coach

Ray started coaching volleyball 7 years ago when his daughter, Jordan, became interested in the sport. Ray had coached 4 seasons with USYVL before becoming the Volleyball Coordinator at Anacapa Middle School. 

Due to his passion and competitiveness, Ray has taken numerous courses and dedicated hundreds of hours learning and understanding the sport. This was shown evident as it took him only 2 seasons with Anacapa before competing in the Championship game in their league. During his 5 years at Anacapa, his 8thgrade teams have participated in the Championship games 4 times. Ray had also coached for Cabrillo Middle school for 1 year where, again, he took his 8thgrade team to the championship game. During last Spring, Anacapa 7th graders played in the Santa Barbara Volleyball Tournaments 7th/8thdivision. They played against all club teams, mostly 8thgraders, and were Tournament Champs 2 out of 4 times. His 6thgrade team also participated in 2 out of 4 championship games in their division, winning 1.  

Ray has also coached for Channel Islands Volleyball Club and Blue Crush Volleyball Club. 

“There is a camaraderie that needs to be built amongst players. That with the learning of basic techniques/skills through various drills can help teach and evolve a player in this sport.”